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June 1986: Contained an 11"x 17" calendar spread which we had begun using in April and continued using throughout this group.

July 1986: This issue introduced American Airlines EAASY SABRE service, the first use of an online travel service by Q-Link.

August 1986: This issue introduced GEOS, the Graphic Environment Operating System, for the Commodore 64.

September 1986: This issue introduced Lucasfilm’s “Habitat”, a precursor to online virtual communities like “There” and “SIMS Online” View Contentjust now becoming mainstream.

October 1986: This issue introduced an online tutoring service and Express Music, an online store for purchasing LPs (records), tapes, CDs and videos.

November 1986: This issue was printed in 4-color using 3 standard PMS inks and a copper metallic ink to highlight the celebration of Q-Link’s first anniversary.
In June of 1986, I was allowed to create different thematic cover designs for the Update newsletters. The first 5 of this group were printed in 3-colors and all were generated with hand drawn illustrations, hand cut masks for separations, rub-down type for large headings, and body copy that was spec’d and then typeset by an outside firm. This was pre-desktop publishing.

All contained the standard calendar, helpful tips, software previews, game contest results and information on a growing number of new Q-Link services. These 6 issues were all a single 17"x 22" sheet folded in eighths.

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