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Sending Files


You can contact Rick Clark Illustration & Design by any of the following methods:


Phone: 703.451.7175 (Weekdays – 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST)

Fax: 703.913.1722

Mail: 7274 John Rylands Way, Springfield, VA 22150


Occasionally, it is necessary to send or receive files that are larger than an internet service provider will permit. Many graphics files exceed the 2 to 4MB size limits usually imposed. Larger files can be transferred via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) a different method than that used for sending e-mail attachments.

Files can be uploaded to or downloaded from the artist’s FTP site with prior permission. Please call 703.451.7175 (weekdays 9 am to 6 pm) or e-mail me at to arrange for FTP file transfers.

Please view the “Sending Files” suggestions for proper file formats and other requirements.

Text Files: Most text files are small enough to be sent as e-mail attachments. Please send text files in RTF (Rich Text Format) format where possible. Please avoid sending Microsoft Word (.doc) files unless there is critical layout or graphic information included in the document. Sending Word documents continues to be one of the main methods for spreading computer viruses, and in addition, are unreadable by some graphics programs. RTF files retain all text and most layout information and can be opened or placed in almost any composition or graphics application. When saving a text file in Word, use the “Save as” command under the file menu and choose the RTF or Rich Text Format option.

Graphics Files: Most standard graphics formats are acceptable. A list of preferred formats is included at right. Please avoid sending graphics files embedded in Microsoft Word documents. Copy the image from the Word document and paste it into a program that will allow saving the file in one of the formats listed. Many paint and/or photo editing programs will work for this.

Image Resolution: The resolution of images (a combination of size and pixel depth) is critical to their usability. Photos need to be at least 300 ppi (pixels per inch) at final image size (3"x 5" for example) for use in print. Images used for web sites need only be 72 ppi at final image size. Please contact Rick Clark Illustration & Design if you have questions regarding resolution.

File Compression: If you are sending more than one file (graphic or text) it is recommended that the files be placed in a folder and then compressed using a Zip file compression program (on PCs) or Stuffit (on Mac files). Individual RTF and JPEG files can be attached directly to your e-mail and received without being altered or corrupted. Other file formats may not transfer well as e-mail attachments and it is suggested that you use ZIP or Stuffit to compress those files before attaching them to an e-mail. For files larger than 3MB, please contact the artist to arrange for FTP transfer. (See “Anonymous FTP”)


Photo Images:

  • JPEG (.jpg)
  • TIFF (.tif)
  • Photoshop (.psd)

Other Graphics:

  • EPS (.eps)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • BMP (.bmp)
  • Illustrator (.ai)
  • GIF (.gif: web image)
  • Pict (.pct)





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