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Hourly Rates: Most graphic design services will be billed at an hourly rate of $60.00 in quarter hour increments with a minumum billing time of one hour per assignment. Web animation (Flash) services will be billed at $72.00 per hour. Unexpectedly high additional time charges will be negotiated with contracting agency's representative as they become apparent. Cost of deliveries, courier services, disks supplied, photo purchases and various extra materials which may be used will be directly passed on to the customer and are not included in hourly rates. Additional or outsourced services such as writing or printing will be supplied at prices to be determined (TBD) as necessary. Hourly rate is subject to change.

Terms are Net 30: Invoices not paid within 30 days of original invoice date will be billed an additional 3% per month or portion thereof.

New Clients: First assignments for new clients require a 50% down payment and final payment is expected upon delivery.

Estimates: As a general rule, estimates for assignments will not be provided. Written estimates can be supplied but require a detailed, written explanation of the task(s) required and a workable time schedule. Please view the “Pricing Guidelines” for rough estimates of specific types of graphic services. (See link at left!) Every effort will be made to follow these guidelines as closely as possible, however, the prices are meant to be general guidelines and are not final quotes in any instance.

Effective 02.20.04

Illustration Black & white or full color $60 minimum to $600 or more
Brochure Design: 8½"x 11" trifold
11"x 17" four panel
Monotone, 2-color or 4-color
Monotone, 2-color or 4-color
$300 minimum to $850 or more
$480 minimum to $1200 or more
Logo Design (3 to 6 initial comps) Monotone, 2-color or 4-color $240 minimum to $900 or more
Newsletter Design: 8½"x 11" page size
   • New design – initial set up fee
   • Match existing design – initial set up
Monotone, 2-color or 4-color $90 min. to $180 per pg.or more
$360 min. to $850 or more add on
$240 min. to $660 or more add on
Business ID Design: lttrhd, env, bizcrd Monotone, 2-color or 4-color $150 minimum to $450 or more
Web Site Design: Concept & first 5 pgs
   • Additional pages: each
   • Upload site: first time fee
Logos, photos & all text copy must be supplied $1000 minimum to $3000 or more
$120 min. to $350 or more add on
$120 min. to $300 or more add on
Web Site Development: Site map design Design all site navigation $300 minimum to $850 or more
Web Site Management Monthly site maintenance $30 minimum to $150 or more
Flash Web Animation Planning session(s) required $350 minimum to $2500 or more

Ownership: Unless otherwise agreed, all artwork and designs or portions generated thereof for any assignment will remain sole property of the artist. All finished artwork and designs submitted to the client or their representative(s) are intended for use only as originally specified. Additional uses are not permitted without expressed written consent of the artist or his representative. Sole ownership and unlimited use of artwork and designs by contracting agency can be negotiated for additional fees.

Artist’s Rights: In all cases, artist reserves the right to use copies of all or any artwork, designs and/or products generated for self-promotional and advertising purposes. Artist may use portions of artwork or use concepts or designs from any given task for future assignments.

Additional Requirements: Ten copies of any printed materials are required as part of the artistic contract. Client is responsible for delivering those copies to the artist’s studio in good condition either by mail, or delivery or courier service.





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