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Advisory and Business Development


  • Solution-Driven Consulting Services
  • Risk Management
  • Federal and State Government Relations
  • Business Development
  • Grant and Contract Proposal Support
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
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Advisory Services

The homeland security enterprise is a complex network of public and private sector entities whose missions include disaster management/relief, immigration enforcement, port security, cybersecurity, counterterrorism and border/maritime protection. In order to succeed, it is critical that you understand the ever-changing needs of the Federal, state, local and Tribal first responders; Federal, state and private funding opportunities; Federal, state or local procurement processes; and the role that Congress and other legislative bodies play in shaping homeland security policy, operations and procurement priorities.

Homeland Security Solutions has years of experience in the homeland security sector and is uniquely positioned to help our public and private sector clients navigate and succeed in this market. We understand that the most important organization is yours, and our goal is to provide you with the most actionable information possible to make your company, agency or organization the most successful it can be.


Case Study
  • Provided operational support to a jurisdiction during their response to a natural disaster.
  • Conducted risk/threat assessment for a company and developed a cost-efficient business continuity plan.
  • Identified and secured teaming partners for a company that was applying for a Federal contract.

Risk Management

Your company faces risks at every turn. Whether it is an attack on your computer network, corporate espionage, supply chain disruptions caused by man-made or natural disasters or labor disruptions resulting from a biological outbreak … understanding how to triage your risk, develop mitigation strategies and execute those solutions is complicated.

Homeland Security Solutions’ risk management team has the extensive experience necessary to help your company identify and mitigate its risks. We understand that you can’t keep your eye on every threat. That is why we are here to help.


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Business Development Services

Homeland Security Solutions provides services to small and medium-sized businesses that will enhance your company’s operations, including:

  • Business development/corporate outreach;
  • Developing strategic partnerships;
  • Grant and contract proposal support;
  • Legal and regulatory compliance; and
  • Federal, state and local government relations.
    Homeland Security Solutions is a “force multiplier” for your business.