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Resiliency and Disaster Management


  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Operational Support
  • Public-Private Partnership Development
  • Training and Exercises
  • Risk Management
  • Facility Security Review
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At their core, all disasters are local in their impact and immediate in their effect. As such, it is the state, local, municipal or tribal government that responds first. However, reductions in staff and budgets – with an increasing demand for their services – have made their mission more difficult and complicated. Despite those challenges, jurisdictions are still expected to be on the front lines providing the best level of service their agency can offer.

Case Study
Developed a public-private partnership program for a state-level homeland security agency that allows it to communicate directly with the jurisdiction’s private and non-profit sector entities.

Homeland Security Solutions lifecycle services can enhance any jurisdiction’s emergency management/response efforts by providing a scalable level of services that includes:

Whether you are an state or local agency in need of operational support or a school district in need of a comprehensive emergency response plan with an integrated technology platform … Homeland Security Solutions can help.

Private Sector