Homeland Security Solutions
Advisory and Business Development


  • Market Analysis
  • Market Intelligence
  • Budget and Program Reviews
  • Product Demand Forecasting
  • Product Quality Evaluation
  • Customer Background Checks
  • Management / Cultural Assessments
  • Product Evaluation
  • Technology Commercialization
Advisory and Business DevelopmentResiliency and Disaster Management

If your company is among the thousands of small and medium-sized businesses that are trying to develop new homeland security solutions, you are likely to face numerous challenges getting your products to market. These could include understanding the homeland security market; capitalization; cultivating strategic partnerships; and having access to end-users and manufacturers. Homeland Security Solutions can help your company with the right solution necessary to make your organization a success.


Strategic Advisory Services

Strike current and replace: Homeland Security Solutions provides strategic financial advisory services for both existing and start-up companies wanting to develop a product or service for the homeland security enterprise. Whether your company is developing a cyber, border security, emergency management or other homeland security solution … Homeland Security Solutions can help.

Many of the companies that we help need assistance developing a business strategy; creating a business plan; understanding the market; identifying and securing private equity, venture capital or public funding; developing and cultivating strategic partnerships; finding the right manufacturing team to commercialize their product; negotiating investment or licensing agreements and charting the right strategic direction. We work to make sure your product has the best chance possible making it to market.
Utilizing our in-house and Critical Infrastructure and First Responder Team, we provide the most accurate services in the areas listed above.


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Market Analysis Program

Making an investment in, seeking funding for, merging or partnering with any company involves risk. However, having the right information about the company and its market can help to mitigate that risk. Utilizing our in-house and Critical Infrastructure and First Responder teams, Homeland Security Solutions’ Market Analysis Program provides the most accurate intelligence for venture capital and private equity firms and those companies seeking to grow their business. Our services include:

a. Product Market and Operations Analysis
b. Financial Due Diligence

Critical Infrastructure and First Responder Team
Understanding the homeland security market is critical to any company’s success. Homeland Security Solutions utilizes a unique team of former first responders and critical infrastructure experts from around the country to ensure that our client’s product or service meets the first responder community’s needs, will be competitive and marketable. This is what differentiates Homeland Security Solutions from our competition.