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December 1986: First booklet design. 24 pages (incl.cover). 8 pages in 4-color, 16 in 2-color.

January 1987: Same format as Dec.‘86. Introduced Rabbit Jack’s Casino. (Cover art not mine!)

February 1987: This issue contained an article on RockLink, an online version of MTV.

March 1987: This issue contained an article on The Grandstand, an online sportsView Content information center.

April 1987: This issue introduced the Commodore Community, an updated C64 information center.

May 1987: This issue introduced Matchmaker, an online dating and shared interest service.

June 1987: This issue went to 32 4-color pages and introduced an online murder mystery.
These issues also introduced Larry Link, the jovial, large headed character pictured on many of these covers. He was created to represent the average Q-Link user (a white male… not very politically correct!) and soften or humanize Q-Link’s cold, mechanical interface.

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